Focus on Practice: Preparing Your Submission

Focus on Practice aims to provide short (2,500 word maximum), academically rigorous articles that can inform educational practice, with ideas from Wales and around the world. Articles can be submitted in Welsh or English. Articles are peer-mentored and feature innovative, creative and original research from practitioners, professionals and researchers investigating the various dimensions of educational practice. We encourage contributions from practitioners and researchers at all stages of their career and from anywhere in the world.

Read how to structure your article before submission.

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Podcast episode: A Guide for Writing Practitioner Articles

Professor Gary Beauchamp and Dr Kevin Smith answer frequently-asked-questions on writing and submitting practitioner articles, including:

  • Who can submit a practitioner article?
  • What topics can a practitioner article cover?
  • How should an article be structured?
  • How do I submit an article?
  • What happens after I submit an article?


The editors of the Wales Journal of Education discuss published articles with the authors, who share what prompted them to undertake their research, the most important findings of their work, and the implications for education policy and practice.

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