Peer review

The Wales Journal of Education operates a double-blind peer review policy. Submissions will be reviewed according to the following process:

  • Submitted articles are assigned an Editor, who makes an initial judgement on the suitability of the article for the journal. 
  • Following this judgement, suitable articles are then sent for review to two academic reviewers, who will remain anonymous to the author, and vice versa. Reviewers receive an anonymised file via the Janeway system, and any supplementary material submitted.
  • Reviewers will be external experts in the field and/or members of the Editorial Board.
  • Reviewers complete a form on our online platform, rating and making a recommendation to the editorial team according to the following criteria:
         -   Importance of the subject and relevance to aims of the journal
         -   Contribution to a new understanding
         -   Awareness of relevant contemporary and key academic literature in the area
         -   Clear title, with relevant key words
         -   Level of interest for journal’s readership
         -   Quality of the article's structure
         -   Clear outline of method(s)
         -   Quality of analysis
         -   Clarity of expression, including absence of jargon, for an international readership
         -   Conclusion supported by evidence from study
  • The reviewers recommend whether the article requires minor or major revisions, should be accepted without revisions, or rejected.
  • If no revisions are necessary, the editor will notify the author, and the article will be included in the next issue of the Wales Journal of Education.
  • If revisions are required, the editor asks the author to resubmit a new version with highlighted changes based on the reviewer feedback which they receive. After resubmission, the same reviewers will normally be asked to comment on the changes.
  • If the article is accepted for publication after revision, the author is notified by the editor, and the article will be included in the next issue of the Wales Journal of Education.
  • If the article is rejected, the author will be notified by email, including the reason for rejection.

Focus on Practice

Articles in the Focus on Practice collection are subject to academic peer-mentoring. The Editors retain the final editorial decision on publication. Submissions to Focus on Practice are short article (2,500 word maximum) from practitioners, professionals and researchers investigating the various dimensions of educational practice. Details are available on this link: