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    Inspecting School Leadership in Wales



This article attempts to show how the inspection of school leadership in Wales has changed over the last twenty-five years, reflecting changing conceptions of school leadership and in turn influencing and helping to determine those changing expectations. The history of inspecting school leadership reflects a shift from managerial concerns towards a school-improvement paradigm that sees schools as self-evaluating and self-improving organisations. Twenty-five years ago, the inspection of leadership was primarily focused on management and securing an orderly environment for children and staff. Over time, school leadership has become to be seen to be more about driving change, and improving standards and the quality of education. The focus of inspection now is on how well leaders establish and communicate a vision for the school, set high expectations for pupils and staff, and create a culture of continuous improvement. The scope of what leaders are expected to achieve within this paradigm has broadened over time. Leaders are now expected to think strategically and to possess not only the skills needed to lead and manage their own institution, but also those required for collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders, including parents and the community, other schools and external agencies. Leadership has also become a skill or competence that all staff, not only the most senior, should possess and demonstrate to varying degrees.

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, (2018) “Inspecting School Leadership in Wales”, Wales Journal of Education 20(2). doi: https://doi.org/10.16922/wje.20.2.6



Published on
01 Nov 2018
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