• Professional Development for Teacher Educators: The Missing Link?

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    Professional Development for Teacher Educators: The Missing Link?



Within Wales, teacher training has been placed under considerable scrutiny (Estyn, 2012, 2013, 2015). The focus for future development in the sector has largely emphasised systems, models and structures. Within this article I will suggest why, in my own experience, ensuring high quality professional development opportunities for teacher educators is so important. For the purpose of this article, I will take the view that teacher educators are 'all those who actively facilitate the (formal) learning of student teachers and teachers' (European Commission, 2013: 8). The paper identifies some of the challenges facing teacher educators wishing to undertake professional development, such as practical issues, teacher educators' professional identity and the perceived value of different types of professional knowledge. It also considers the benefits of teacher educators undertaking research activity, and why these opportunities may contribute to the 'research-rich' educational systems that are highlighted as best practice (e.g. Leat et al., 2014). It aims to indicate why professional development in teacher education must not be the 'missing link' in educational reform. This article puts these challenges and benefits into context through reflection on the experiences I had during my doctoral studies. It therefore takes a retrospective narrative approach – I will provide 'rememberings, retrospections and constructions' (Freeman, 1984: 4) of my personal experiences of professional development as evidence.

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Lewis H., (2017) “Professional Development for Teacher Educators: The Missing Link?”, Wales Journal of Education 19(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.16922/wje.19.1.10



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01 Mar 2017
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