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The Interactive Teaching and ICT project was designed to explore the effect of ICT on teaching and learning when used specifically to support 'interactive teaching'. A range of good teachers agreed to participate in interviews and lesson observations over two 6-month phases. They worked in pairs with one using ICT and one not using ICT for a particular class and subject in the first phase, and both used ICT in the second phase.Whilst many teachers did not identify any changes in their pedagogical approach, some decreased the amount of direct teaching, broadened the range of activities for pupils and increased the independence of pupils.Teachers who are very effective without ICT may not immediately enhance their teaching when they adopt ICT, and their performance can dip as they gain ICT skills and experiment with how ICT can best be integrated into their practice. Teachers already using ICT, however, tended to improve their effectiveness and to gain from reflecting on their practice, discussing ideas and sharing resources from colleagues.The project was found to have made an important contribution to the confidence and skills in research for those involved, and to have contributed to the development of research capacity in Wales concerning ICT Education.

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Tanner H. & Jones S. & Kennewell S. & Parkinson J. & Beauchamp G. & Meiring L. & Norman N. & Morgan A. & Thomas G., (2009) “Interactive Teaching and ICT”, Wales Journal of Education 14(2).



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20 Jul 2009
Peer Reviewed