• Turkish-Speaking Communities in Britain: Migration for Education

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    Turkish-Speaking Communities in Britain: Migration for Education



This article is concerned with the education of Turkish-speaking communities in Britain. It explores their migration patterns and educational aspirations. It looks at the social and economic activities which contribute to a dynamic micro-economy, exploring Turkish as the language of such economic activity. The article is also concerned with Turkish as a language undergoing change in its use, reflecting the changing nature of the communities in Britain.The article looks in some detail at the education of Turkish-speaking children and the issue of underachievement. It critically evaluates the present situation, that, despite second- and third-generation Turkish speakers now being in the British school system, Turkish-speaking children remain at the bottom of the league table in most LEAs across the country. It looks at the factors contributing to this and analyses the performance data for Turkish-speaking children in a selection of LEAs in London.Finally, the article explores possible ways forward, looking at state and community provision and critically evaluating present practices, while putting forward some suggestions for changes at both policy and practical levels.

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Issa T., (2004) “Turkish-Speaking Communities in Britain: Migration for Education”, Wales Journal of Education 13(1).



Published on
01 Jun 2004
Peer Reviewed