• Factors to Weigh When Bringing the Internet to Schools

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    Factors to Weigh When Bringing the Internet to Schools



This article discusses which factors should be considered in deciding how the Internet should be brought into primary and secondary schools. Based on a fiveyear study of the adoption of Internet use in a large urban school district in the United States, the paper outlines four factors which are likely to have a strong impact on the amount of use that is made of Internet access and on how such access influences educational processes and outcomes. These factors are: (i) the cost of present-day Internet access compared with other resources and delayed access; (ii) the need for substantial amounts of technological and pedagogical support for Internet-using teachers; (iii) the alignment between the norms of the school system, the community in which it is embedded and those of the Internet; and (iv) the alignment between existing educational goals, pedagogical approaches and assessment systems and the Internet's potential educational uses.

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Schofield J. W., (2003) “Factors to Weigh When Bringing the Internet to Schools”, Wales Journal of Education 12(1).



Published on
01 Jun 2003
Peer Reviewed