• Bilingual Teaching in ITET Courses


    Bilingual Teaching in ITET Courses



Bilingualism within education provides the focus for this research note. The use of two languages (Welsh and English) side by side in higher education courses is explored within the context of courses of initial teacher education and training. Whilst there is a dearth of basic international research in this area, there is a rich history of practice and convention, based on classroom experience. The development of a framework for bilingual teaching leads to an analysis of practice across a range of institutions in Wales and the identification of an agenda for further work, both within teacher training and within higher education in general. The note summarizes the results of a collaborative project funded by ESCalate, the education branch of the LTSN (Learning and Teaching Subject Network) which supports staff development for teaching and learning in higher education in the UK.

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Roberts G., (2002) “Bilingual Teaching in ITET Courses ”, Wales Journal of Education 11(2).



Published on
01 Dec 2002
Peer Reviewed