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Co-designing learning spaces with learners: Lessons from a Welsh primary school classroom

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This research presents a case study of one class’s reflections on how they redesigned their classroom to suit the diverse needs of the teacher and learners, and how learners continue to adapt their learning space to better suit their individual needs. The findings of this paper illuminate how learners value agency and choice in their classrooms, something which can be achieved by offering them various work surfaces and spaces to complete learning activities.

Learners suggested that flexible learning environments enabled them to choose where and how to complete their work, but also enabled them to position themselves in social environments that suit their learning needs. This work provides further context and insight into the implementation of the new Curriculum for Wales from September 2022 onwards, as well as the wider education system-level reforms currently taking place in Wales.

Keywords: learning spaces, Wales, co-design, primary school, flexible learning environments

How to Cite: McQueen, R. , Pullen, M. , Chapman, S. , Hann, S. , Beauchamp, G. , Crick, T. , Davies, O. , Hughes, C. , Lewis, C. & Owen, K. L. (2024) “Co-designing learning spaces with learners: Lessons from a Welsh primary school classroom”, Wales Journal of Education. 1(0). doi: